Collection: SAO Organic Skin Neutralizing System

Why Organic?  There is a very simple answer to this question.  Pure organic products include essential vitamins and nourishment that goes into your pores and flows into your body.  If you prefer non-organic products then you also prefer chemicals and unhealthy additives going into your body. If that is not enough to make you say Yes; I am now very concerned about you! 

Shea All Over is bringing the balance and smoothness to your skin with this Organic Skin Neutralizing System.  This combination of organic skin care products was created to allow your skin to come alive and maintain it's natural glow by removing imbalances and blemishes, along with pimples and dead skin.  Great skin takes passion and consistency! 

Yes, you really do need to 1. Wash 2. Tone and 3.  Moisturize your skin.  These 3 steps are very important to maintaining your skins best appearance.  It is also a good idea to take time and exfoliate from time to time to remove dead skin cells and bring back the new skin faster and healthier. 

What we have done with the skin neutralizing system is to make the skin care routine a little bit easier by creating the essential products and finest organic ingredients to see your skin catapulted to it's healthiest condition. 


Feel Free to schedule a video Organic Skin Care Consultation by emailing  If you are in the DFW area we can schedule an in-person meeting.