Organic Face and Neck Misting Toner

Organic Face and Neck Misting Toner

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Shea All Over’s Misting Toner is made with the best quality Witch Hazel (non-alcohol) and 100% Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil.   Individually sold in a 4 Ounce spray bottle.

Witch Hazel has been used for generations due to it's abilities to cleanse pores deeply, lighten dark spots and bruises and also helps you retain your natural glow.  

The Lemongrass not only smells refreshing as you clean your skin but the acidity in it clears your skin of blemishes/discolorations/redness/dark spots.  You will feel Your Best With SAO's Quality Organic Skin Care Products.  

Shake Well to combine the Witch Hazel and Lemongrass Essential oil before each use. 

Spray and wipe with a make up pad or soft cloth. 

Combine with the Therapeutic Liquid Soap and SAO Healing Oil to complete your organic skin care routine.  Start Your Organic Skin Care Journey Today!

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