Collection: SAO Therapeutic Body Creams

The Shea All Over Therapeutic Body Cream Collection includes quality organic essential oils for different therapeutic remedies and can assist with eczema, psoriasis, joint pain and other skin conditions along with mental health and simple relaxation.  Take your time, browse the collection to see which therapeutic body cream you need at this time.  

All SAO body creams are made with Shea Butter(Karite Nut), Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil.  These 3 oils are the right combination to heal dry cracked feet and hands, scarring from injuries or after surgery.  It also helps heal eczema dry itchy skin faster and simply softens your entire body; giving your skin the appearance you crave without feeling oily.  The skin appreciates and drinks these oils with pleasure due to their healing properties and therapeutic nature.  So Drink Up!

Due to the demand for high quality 100% Raw Organic Body Cream product with no added chemical preservatives; we have chosen to make and ship the Therapeutic Body Creams during the fall/winter months.  Orders will begin shipping out October 15th of each year and the last shipment will be sent out on March 1st of the following year; depending on climate and weather changes.  In order to keep the consistency of a soft body cream it is best to ship during the colder months.  Shipping during summer months will cause the oil to reach its melting point and liquify. With that being said, you should always store your body cream in a cool dry place.

These products have not been approved by the FDA.  Conduct a skin patch test to confirm you do not have an allergic reaction to any skin products.