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Little Black Box

Little Black Box

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Shea All Over's Natural Skin Care Kit comes with (2) 4 ounce bottles of raw therapeutic soap and a (1) ounce bottle of the premium SAO Oil.  These natural skin care products are beneficial for all skin types and skin tones.  Organic is for Everyone!  

Be sure to moisturize after each use and we have created the perfect oil to keep your skin glowing and showing!

SAO Premium Healing Oil has a combination of essential oils for skin repair (acne, pimples, dark spots, red spots, dry skin and oily skin).  It improves collagen levels which helps to reduce fine lines "NATURALLY".  SAO Oil is skin therapy in just a few drops a day!  It will take you on a skin rejuvenation journey to a healthier glow of your natural skin.  The perfect combination of natural oils that enhance collagen levels, clear blemishes, pimples and acne, heals pores. For Men Women and Teens. 

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